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Being told your child has cancer feels like you are in a race car going 100 MPH in the dark with someone else behind the wheel. All you can do is buckle up and pray you will be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. To the patients of HUMC, Tomorrow’s Children Fund is that light. It gives you hope in your darkest hours, peace when the stress is overwhelming and smiles on faces who no longer have the strength to grin. And that is priceless. Samantha, TCF Parent

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The last thing any parent should have to worry about when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a serious blood disorder is money. But in truth, the financial burden these devastating diseases place on families can be overwhelming. At Tomorrows Children’s Fund, we’ve learned that by lightening the financial load, we can help make this difficult time a little easier to bear. To this end, we strive to meet the needs of those who are financially overwhelmed with a full spectrum of services including:

  • Assistance with mortgage, utility and car payments.
  • Gift certificates from local supermarket chain stores for families in need of grocery supplies.
  • Donations of coats, jackets and other suitable items for children and family members without adequate winter clothing.
  • Appropriately sized clothing for those undergoing weight changes while under medical care.
  • Educational grants for patients enrolled in college or secondary education who maintain passing grades.

In addition to our direct financial aid programs, Tomorrows Children’s Fund also offers an array of free activities, events and support services for the children and their families, and they are provided at no cost through Tomorrows Children’s Fund.

Our Impact:

As one of the largest donors to HackensackUMC we are very proud of the remarkable donations we have made for the benefit of our patients and all other pediatric departments.

$7.5 million
Don Imus
Pediatric Center

$6 million
David Joseph
Jurist Research Center

$1.5 million
Mark Messier

$5 million
Joseph M. Sanzari
Children’s Hospital

$1 million
Deirdre Imus
Environmental Center

We are also proud of the additional 14 million dollars we have donated since we partnered with Hackensack hospital in 1987. This money was used to fund the opening of the Reuten Clinic, and pay salaries of a physician, advanced practice nurse, psychologist, child life therapist, social worker, learning consultant, and the Cure and Beyond program.

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