Our Facilities

As one of the largest donors to HackensackUMC we are very proud of the remarkable donations we have made for the benefit of our patients and all other pediatric departments.

$7.5 million - Don Imus Pediatric Center

$6 million - David Joseph Jurist Research Center

$1.5 million - Mark Messier Skyway

$5 million - Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital

$1 million - Deirdre Imus Environmental Center

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David Joseph Jurist
Research Center

David Joseph Jurist Research Center for Tomorrows Children, a premier research facility for groundbreaking scientific discovery, elevates the medical center’s stature from a high-quality healthcare institution to a world-class facility. Rising five stories high, the center encompasses 55,000 square feet of space, including secure underground parking.

Highlights include David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research and Clinical Research Center, laboratories for basic clinical research, DNA sequencing, and other modern high-tech equipment and instrumentation, specialized facilities for radioisotope use and infectious containment; a library, administrative offices and a lecture hall equipped with audio-visual technology and a telecommunications system so that researchers can participate in multi-site continuing education programs with their peers from around the world.

The center was named for David Jurist because of his commitment to children with cancer. His daughter Eileen Jurist, one of their seven children, was treated for Hodgkin’s disease. Mr. Jurist, co-president of the Tomorrows Children’s Fund, and his wife Alice, are both active participants in all of the fund’s initiatives.

Jurist Building
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