Our Facilities

As one of the largest donors to HackensackUMC we are very proud of the remarkable donations we have made for the benefit of our patients and all other pediatric departments.

$7.5 million - Don Imus Pediatric Center

$6 million - David Joseph Jurist Research Center

$1.5 million - Mark Messier Skyway

$5 million - Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital

$1 million - Deirdre Imus Environmental Center

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Mark Messier Skyway for
Tomorrows Children

Mark Messier has been deeply involved with Tomorrows Children’s Fund for the past 20 years. Mark and his family have been wonderful friends to Tomorrows Children’s Fund and for that we are eternally grateful.

Because of Mark Messier’s commitment, Tomorrows Children’s Fund has named the “The Mark Messier Skyway for Tomorrows Children,” in his honor at the HackensackUMC. He is the first athlete ever to receive an honor of this kind. The Skyway joins the IMUS/WFAN Pediatric Center to the new state of the art women’s and children’s pavilion at the Medical Center. This area is a place where children can relax and play during their stay at the Medical Center. Mark has transformed the skyway into a hockey fantasyland, complete with interactive videos, games and personal memorabilia marking some of his most memorable NHL milestones.

Messier Building
Messier Footer